About OutReach America

OutReach America is a ministry focused on inspiring, equipping and encouraging teams, and individuals to intentionally develop followers of Christ on University campuses and in “gate-way” major population centers of the USA.

We seek to bring all Americans into a relationship with Jesus through targeting our message to major cities and employing the skills and efforts of college students.

OutReach America’s mission: Boldly expanding Kingdom borders

Based at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, OutReach America strives to build teams of students to take interest in reaching in leading people to become followers of Christ. The two methods that we most encourage for this outreach are team church planting and team church growing.

Team Church Planting

A group united in a single vision and building on one anothers’ strengths can bring about exciting and decisive change in any situation. The Apostle Paul tells Timothy to not let anyone look down on him because of his youth, but instead to be an example for those people. Teams of Christian college students can set a powerful example. Fully believing this, we gather young men and women to work together and move as a unit to large cities in America and plant churches where they are needed the most! With over half of the United States’ population in our major cities where Christianity is historically the weakest, we need to create a presence!

These teams have proven themselves capable of bringing Truth to places that some people think won’t accept it. But the example of these brave men and women touches people who do not know Jesus and shows them that there is a better way to live, and a higher purpose to commit to.

Team Church Growing

It’s sad but true: North America is the only continent on Earth where the Christian Population is decreasing. With an over-emphasis on foreign mission efforts, we’ve sadly neglected our own churches. If fact, Christians in other countries already talk of sending missionaries here! We may have fewer Christians in America today than we did even five years ago, but we still have more than enough to revive our dying churches! The number of churches that are closing their doors and selling their buildings is undeniable evidence that many churches are in need of a breath of fresh air.

Teams of willing Christians can be equiped and sent to these fading churches to breathe life back into them! Imagine ten men and women with strong faith, courageous spirits, and a devotion to a heavenly mission working with an existing congregation. What blessings could not be given through a group like that?? Most of Harding’s graduates will join an established congregation. We believe that they should join with intention. Intention to bless that congregation. Intention to serve that community. Intention to not fill their place in a pew, but to fill the pew with everyone they meet!

Our Plan

Harding University is a private Christian school of roughly 6,000 students. Our first milestone will be to have 10% of them (600 people) committed to serve as vocational missionaries after graduation. To that end, we host various training events throughout the year to equip them. We have regular promotions on campus to make them aware of this great opportunity. And most of all, we pray for them and for the lives that they can touch.