1,828 Meals

KashiThe final mile of the Making Calories Count Marathon went very well, particularly because some wonderful people donated in amazing ways! Kisti Phelps and her husband donated a blowup tunnel for the start and finish line and their sound system; the Pikes Peak Ascent coordinators donated Gatorade and cowbells (to cheer on runners); donated 300 Kashi® granola bars; and I acquired some vouchers from a player on the Colorado Springs Switchbacks soccer team to use for a raffle. I also had a $100 donation from Yvonne Contraras in addition to other wonderful monetary donations. So, despite the lack of support from churches and big organizations that I reached out to, God provided for the marathon by opening the hearts – and directing the steps – of those mentioned above, which I am truly grateful for.

Probably the most frustrating and time consuming aspect of this marathon was the t-shirts. After discovering that the print shop we were going to use was not going to be feasible because of pricing and time constraints, Jessica – a Marco’s employee who has t-shirt printing equipment (how perfect) – and I spent four hours last Friday night printing, weeding and ironing on the vinyl to 18 shirts to sell at the event for $10. I only sold 9 at the event, but I was able to rally my long distance supporters together to buy the rest of the t-shirts (for $5). We were able to make a little bit of profit off of the t-shirts, but if we had paid a print shop to do it, we would not have.

On the morning of the event, I left my home at 5:45 a.m. to get to Briargate and set everything up. The police came to make sure I was not robbing the place because I set the security alarm off; I had a key and knew the code, but I did not know which button was the “stop” button…whoops. But I wasn’t arrested, so that was good. APEX running club brought their new equipment and we set it all up and got everything together. The air tunnel for the runners to run through looked awesome and the sound system worked very well. Everyone who registered showed up and had a great time. Several moms were there with their kids and expressed how much they enjoyed the idea because it allowed the whole family to run together. Additionally, the Kashi® granola bars and Gatorade were consumed delightedly.  The raffle was a flop, but Mike is going to use the vouchers for anything else they could be useful for.

Net income of the event was $537.75, but $34.23 was taken out by the registration platform as their commission and then the t-shirts cost $101.31, so the remaining balance that we were able to donate to FMSC was $402.21. My goal had been $1000, but the number of registrants was much lower than I had expected. Regardless of that disappointment, I am glad to be able to give $402.21 to FMSC to support the great global mission that they have. With this money, FMSC will be able to distribute 1,828 meals to the starving in 70 countries throughout the world!

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