Ghana West Africa Missions

Ghana West Africa MissionsGhana West Africa Missions is a non-profit corporation established for the purpose of helping the people of Ghana West Africa. The works began in 1987. We help in the following ways:

  • Drilling Water wells in order to provide safe, clean, contaminant-free water for people to drink
  • Operating the Village of Hope Children’s Home
    • Schools (Primary – Junior Secondary – Senior Secondary)
    • Clinic
    • Feeding and teaching street children
  • Teaching nutrition and hygiene in villages
  • Distributing food and medicines when and where needed
  • Spreading the message of Christ throughout Ghana

The Board of Trustees is composed of members of the churches of Christ.

Our Executive Director is Josiah Tilton. Josiah is married to Boni, and together with their two sons, Joey and Neil, lived in Ghana for a total of five years. Josiah has been working for Ghana since 1977