Global Community Works

Global Community WorksGlobal Community Works is a philanthropic non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a big difference in the lives of people in the poorest communities all over the world, with small community-directed grants.


Results Oriented

GCW works with community leaders that have the innovative ideas, passion and commitment to implement smart, sustainable solutions.

Trust & Empowerment

GCW trusts the local community leaders to identify the best solutions for their communities.  Then GCW empowers them to get it done by providing the resources needed.

Fiscally Direct

GCW’s funds (and your donation) go directly to the projects – not to administrators or overhead expenses.


GCW’s relationships with inspired individuals and non-profits benefit the communities they serve by referring project opportunities, participating in matching grants and sharing best practices.

Their current projects include: Sustainable Agriculture Projects in Guatemala and Indonesia, Educational Projects in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize, and  Micro-finance Projects to women in India.

Come by the office in Harding University’s Mabee Building, room 244 or contact us via the ‘Connect’ tab for more information on our involvement with GCW. You can also visit their website at