Healing Hands International

helping hands international

Did you know a 1,000 square foot roof will capture 625 gallons of clean water for every inch of rainfall? Now that’s a sustainable water source. Healing is dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world using Rain Water Harvesting, an affordable and sustainable solution. The Center for Business as Missions is looking to send students who value the service that Healing Hands provides and who will make the most of an opportunity working with a top-notch organization. We are enthusiastic about their willingness to train and involve Harding students in their programs and appreciate everything they are accomplishing in the developing world.

“There is no shortage of water given by nature—only a shortage of water
being received efficiently by us.”

Students will have both classroom lecture and hands on experience in the following areas:

Rainwater Harvesting system design, catchment area, water movement, storage, treatment, and distribution. Rainwater use for landscaping, in-home use, wildlife, livestock, fire protection, stormwater management and rain gardens.

Interns will take a trip around Texas with Billy to view a variety of systems from home to commercial use:

Current rainwater research and equipment. Agriculture (raised bed gardening, aquaponics, composting, keyhole gardening and pecan farming). Energy Sustainability: Solar and wind energy.