Kibo Group

Kibo GroupKibo Group is a U.S. based and registered 501(c)(3) organization focusing on creative development initiatives in East Africa. They strive to grow deep relationships with Africans as they partner with them to address the challenges of extreme poverty and take their communities to new heights.



Kibo is driven by five principles:

  • They will facilitate creative development ideas in East Africa
  • They will be good stewards of our financial resources
  • They will have very little organizational superstructure
  • They will have strong relationships with our partners
  • They are driven and inspired by our faith but open to working with anyone

At present they limit their interaction with countries located in the Lake Victoria basin, focusing on the countries of Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania and Rwanda. Within this region, they will serve any group or person regardless of ethnicity, race, religion or gender.

Kibo Midnight Oil (MO) is a non-profit, specifically owned by Kibo Group International, based in Jinga, Uganda. All of the profits made by Midnight Oil go directly to the projects that Kibo Group is involved in, including women’s empowerment, digging wells, planting trees, and developing proper hygiene practices amongst rural villages. Midnight Oil does a great job advertising their dedication to Kibo Group and the community development projects happening in Uganda.

Not only is Midnight Oil dedicated to these foreign ventures, but it is also a pillar of Searcy community life.  The atmosphere in the coffee shop is one that fosters relationships and encourages deep conversations. People of all walks of life are found at MO. Whether they are students cramming for a final, friends meeting for a Bible study, moms enjoying a book club, or local business leaders meeting in the Kibo Room, Midnight Oil is essential to the Searcy culture.

As a business, Midnight Oil serves fresh, quality coffee with top-notch customer service. Midnight Oil employees are a motivated group of people who want to do what’s best for the business as well as the community. As a mission, Midnight Oil is a workplace, a quiet oasis, a social gathering place, a conference room, a home. It wants to be all things for all people, and we strive to find employees that fit that bill as well. We want the people of Searcy to know the good that’s happening in Jinga, Uganda by seeing the good that Midnight Oil is doing.

The Center for Business as Mission aids in this mission by providing and training business as mission student interns to work for MO in the summer. These interns work to further develop MO’s relationship with the Searcy community, increase the effectiveness of the business side of MO, and promote Midnight Oil’s attachment to Kibo Group. This effort is in its third year and has expanded to include a narrative of best business as mission practices at missional coffee shops. Through this experience Interns are afforded the opportunity to learn about what it takes to make it in the highly competitive coffee shop business and insure that the mission of the coffee shop to share Christ in a relevant way is visibly first on the task list every day.

This partnership is a win-win for all of those involved and if you are a student thinking you want to know more, please stop by the CBAM office in Mabee 244 for details.