Shepherd’s Hill

Shepherd's HillShepherd’s Hill International (SHI) believes that the best way to share Jesus is to be Jesus to our fellow men and women. By giving people goats and teaching them economic skills and educating them, they are showing them the love of Christ and teaching them what it means to be his follower. However, just like Jesus and his first century followers, they also want them to know the grace and love that comes through Christ and the blessings of living in the community of believers called the church. Many of their goat and livelihood program staff are also church planters, preachers, and servant-hearted Christians. Therefore, they are able to minister to the spiritual health of the people along with the physical health of the goats and the educational and skills training needs of the people.

SHI owes a lot to its founding by and support among members of the non-denominational churches of Christ, but we welcome participation and partnerships with Christians from many other fellowships with the intention of helping as many people as possible to gain a sustainable livelihood and to experience the blessings of knowing Christ.

Salvador Cariaga’s work is changing a country—spiritually and economically. It is raising the poor to become a middle class, and encouraging the best and brightest not to leave the Philippines. And this new middle class will have children that are not malnourished and are better educated. This is the subculture which all of SHI’s ministries are bringing to Jesus. SHI is bringing hope to the hopeless, as well as sharing the greatest Hope of all.