Trout Magnet


Leland’s Lures began in 1997. It started with one lure, the Trout Magnet. Now Leland’s Lures carries many products for trout and crappie enthusiasts. What began as a hobby for Jeff Smith and Todd Gainer, owners of Leland’s Lures, has now developed into something more. These two, with many other friends and family, were catching more fish than anyone else on the stream. The secret kept among these friends for so many years is now available for everyone. “The Secret’s Out!”

Leland’s Lures products are now sold all across the country and regionally through Wal-Mart. We dedicate the success of this company to the Lord who has opened the doors to make all things possible.

“Catching trout is more than a hobby, it’s a passion. This company was started by a fisherman who had that passion. It wasn’t a business and it was more than a hobby. It was a desire to find and develop something that didn’t exist.”
-Jeff Smith, Owner of Leland’s Lures

“We are committed to helping everyone, from the novice to the professional, catch more trout. We pride ourselves on giving fishermen the tools to consistently catch more fish.”
-Todd Gainer, Owner of Leland’s Lures

Please visit for more information on Trout Magnet as a company or contact us on our ‘Connect’ page for more information about summer internship opportunities.